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Massively Associate Child Simple Products to Main Configurable via Import to Magento

Magento import of configurable products is not only the means to create this product type introducing completely new goods to your shop, but it also can be used to associate ready-made child products to parent item.

Imagine that you have previously sold phone that was available only in black. However, it was really popular and manufacturer started to develop this model also in white and silver and further in brown, red and blue. As a result each time you added new products and basically you have lots of same-time products as separate items and your client should browse through whole catalog to find the phone of necessary color.

If you do not want to overload your shop and make your potential customers search-exhausted, you might need to link all the variants under one main configurable product.

Generally, associations can be established in “Associated Products” tab of main item’s edit form. To see there products that can be linked, they should be of the same attribute set as main product, include the identical attributes (configurables ones) and each variation should include unique combination of attributes.

Next you have to search for each item and add to parent item. However, in case there are multiple goods in your database that need to be linked, it is more convenient to perform it via configurable products import procedure using Store Manager for Magento.

To make sure that the procedure will go correctly, you need to prepare/adjust file to required format.

All The Products Are Created, Just Need to Be Linked

Basically, if all associated simple products and main configurable are already created, to make associations you need to fill in the field Configurable Products <configurable>. It should be filled only in front of main configurable product and there need to be indicated SKUs for child simple products. Also there need to be field for identification - SKU and this way you will see SKUs of simple goods to indicate them in the mentioned field. It is also advisable to include in the file column with products type so you could see where are main items.

magento link associated simple products
magento link associated simple products

Some Products Need to Be Created and Linked

In case you are importing additional variations, not included in database yet, you have to fill in another details beside of already mentioned above to make items configurable:

  • Configurable Products <configurable> should include configurable attribute(s) (previously created at your catalog). There should go only attribute codes. In our case all the phones differ in color only, so we indicate ‘color’ there. If products were made of different material, you would have to include this attribute also.
  • Columns with the same names as configurable attributes. In our case it will be ‘Color’ and there should be values for simple products only and all variations need to be unique.
magento link associated simple products
magento link associated simple products

Further, import configurable products to Magento using Import Wizard of Store Manager and in a few minutes changes will be applied.

More details on the process you can get if you read our documentation. There you will also find the sample of file suitable for import of configurable products:


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