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Never Has Multiple Stores Management Been Easier!

When you hear “Magento multi store” you think about very useful feature of this platform that allows you to handle multiple websites and stores within one installation. However, this is well-known feature and no one will be amazed with the possibility to handle a few shops that all share the same base and backend, since it is possible with default functionality.

However, what should do online merchat who has Magento multiple stores with different installations, databases and admin panels for them? Managing each requires opening each in separate browser windows and being careful that you are doing changes in exactly needed store. Not very convenient approach, right?

Forget about that! Discover for you Store Manager for Magento. It is exactly the needed solution when you have multiple shops (with store views) in the same database or different shopping cart installations with different domain names, as all management operations it is possible to perform from one place - your PC.

magento multi store
magento multi store

Working with the application you have to set up connection to your database, so in case you have multi-store within one and the same database you will see all goods and categories reflected under particular shop view. Thus, you can manage each or use the same data as in default Store View.

Magento multiple stores that do not share the same database and are installed under different domain names and separate installations (of different shopping cart versions) can be easily handled within Store Manager application. You simply need to set up separate connection to each website you have and then manage one at a time. If you need to synchronize data between the catalogs with data perform the same changes to each, for example, add products, you can quickly switch between the databases and perform changes to each.

How basically the procedure looks like?

You choose connection to shop A, you do modifications and manage information there. Now you have to handle other websites. With 2 clicks you can connect to e-shop B. For that you need only to open Settings tab of ribbon menu and there from drop-down next to option “Quick Connection Switch” choose the name of configuration of database connection that corresponds to shop B. The same way you can get connected to amount of stores you have.

magento multi store
magento multi store

The best thing is that the number of shop connections is unlimited, so this means that from one shopping cart installation of Store Manager for Magento (Professional Edition) you can handle as many stores as you’ve got. No additional charges or license per domain limitations!

In case you are the owner of a few or huge amount of shops, how not to get lost between them? First of all, each store configuration has its own name, but in case you have similar or the same goods sold there, it still might be confusing sometimes and you might need to double-check where you are now.

There is also another way to differentiate various connections configurations you have. You can set for each of Magento multiple stores its own skin in Store Manager and then switching between them, the interface of the application will be changing.

magento multi store
magento multi store

The best way to get a basic overview of the functionality of Store Manager for Magento is to install it at your PC and start playing around.

Free 2-weeks version you can download here -


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