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No more missing, duplicated or unlinked Magento images!

“Can’t upload Magento images”, “No image available”, “Duplicated image” - those are only a few most common challenges that the store owner faces uploading pictures, no matter if it is done manually or by means of Magento import images course of action.

The causes of those issues can be numerous. Certainly, you need to correct them, as without pictures your store will be unappealing for shoppers and the general store appearance will be incomplete. The formula of success and the finest means to avoid problems is:

careful preparation and planning + efficient tool + ability to quickly discover and fix issues if any showed up.


The best workaround is prevention. If you haven’t performed import images yet or just getting ready to add images, please, get convinced that the following points are taken care of:

  • your image names shouldn't have blanks/spaces;
  • you need to have correct picture names (or URLs and they should not be direct php-requests in case you have Magento 2 or use extension);
  • size of the pictures you are planning to use for image upload procedure is not larger than 2 MB.

Add Magento Images Using Efficient Tool

Before entrusting yourself into the procedure, consider carefully if your Magento images upload tool meets your needs and demands. Thus, if you need to include distant images and your solution does not let this happen, you should look for some alternatives. If you are not familiar with any trusted solutions yet, there is the desktop application called Store Manager for Magento. The software makes Magento import images as well as manual image adding much more rapid and trouble-free.

Try FREE Store Manager for Magento yourself! Get it Now!

What to Do If Issues Occur?

In the mentioned above situation you have to check whether:

  • you have flushed Magento cache and did re-index of your data. It is especially recommended if you performed bulk upload such as product image import procedure;
  • your media folder has all the permissions and your FTP memory restrictions were not exceeded;
  • the images were uploaded to correct subfolders in correspondence to image name.

How to Troubleshoot Problems with Magento Images?

Nothing helps? You can run Store diagnostics tool of Store Manager for Magento and get to know if you have missing, duplicated pictures or ones that are not assigned or related to any products. Get the list with results in seconds and recommendations how to fix those problems in bulk!

magento images problems troubleshooting
Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control

Using the described formula and keeping up to all the pieces of advice described above, you will forget that there exist any Magento import images problems.

Do not let yourself get captured into the cycle of Magento image upload issues! Diagnose and Fix FREE!

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