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Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control

You are stuck in the endless loop of Magento images issues? You have done all possible and checked all settings, but still have broken, missing, unlinked pictures or other problems with Magento images?

How to Troubleshoot Common Magento Images Issues

If all is reviewed and you still have no luck with product images, then Store Diagnostics tool of Store Manager for Magento application will definitely be useful for you. It will assist you in execution Magento diagnostics and finding out if you have images which do not exist at your server or those which are not linked to any products.

If you came across this article and think that you have no problems with Magento product images. Think twice, as they say “If you do not know about the issue, it doesn't mean that it is not there”. You might even have no idea that you’ve got some missing or duplicated images, that is why, you should be able to run diagnostics and discover the problem as soon as it appeared.

With Store Diagnostics you can accomplish diagnostics of pictures and benefit from useful reporting.

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Detect Missing and Broken Magento Images

First of all, you can find out which products have images that are not visible at front-end (image not found). If you run this type of Magento diagnostics you will see the list of products which have image record at the database, but the actual pictures are not uploaded to your server. This way, you will be able to add pictures only to those products for which this is necessary, as you can export those products to the file, add images to them and upload Magento images.

Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control
Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control

Get the List of Unused Magento Pictures

The second thing is that using Magento diagnostics you will be able to get the list of images that actually are present at your FTP, but they are not linked to any product at our database. You might have them left unused as a result of removing old products

This will help you to delete unnecessary images and smartly manage your server space. Furthermore, directly from this window you can in bulk clear received results or go to particular product directly.

Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control
Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control

Magento Products with Placeholder Instead of Image

You know that image advertises your product better than a thousand words. Having massive catalog with multiple products, it becomes difficult to check if all of your goods have images assigned. If you upload items massively, in import file there might be missing images. Checking every product at website manually is not a solution.

In Store Diagnostics section you will also be able to get the list of goods without any image, export it, input images (image URLs or names of pictures saved on your computer) and import file back with changes. Thus, you can not only quickly detect the problem, but fix it.

Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control
Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control


You can run all Magento images diagnostics types together or separately. The same concerns viewing results. The app also offers you recommended action to fix the problem found. You can export results to Excel for further changes.

Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control
Store Diagnostics – Keep Your Magento Images Under Control

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Rely upon very convenient and smart diagnostics tool and your Magento images will delight your eye! Try Free Now!

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