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What Are Main Requirements for Magento Images?

Images and photos nowadays are becoming “universal language”, especially when you are developing Magento website, as they are emphasizing the context and making it visually appealing for customers. That’s why you should be guided by rigid system of keystones when accomplishing Magento import of multiple images.

Images constitute a valuable part of Magento website, bringing richness to its goods and captivating visitors’ attention. That accounts for the assiduous images picking out and accurate fulfillment of image upload from .csv procedure.

What principles should you follow to meet all the requirements of efficient Magento import of product images and their proper arranging at your website?

  • Choose best quality images for your store
  • Before you start Magento import images from .csv make sure of high images quality. Note, that 70% of online customers agree that image quality influences the choice - to make a purchase or not. If you provide a low quality picture, which describes an item, people imagine this product as it is depicted and most likely will skip it.

  • Keep up colour chord
  • Too colourful product page will not make a positive impression. Striking colours will only confuse a person and distract his/her attention. Place on your store mild, harmony colour images, so that visitors can concentrate on products contemplation.

  • Give full description of your products - carry out multiple pictures upload
  • Use alternatives - provide your clients with multiple images. Describe your products from each and every side. Make them sure these very products will satisfy their needs.

  • Don’t overload site with huge size images
  • One of the most annoying things everybody experienced is a web page that takes too long to load. If a person opens products page he/she is interested in, and this page is opening “ages”, he/she will become irritated and simply close it. Be prudent! Follow Magento rules and don’t upload more than 2MB size images.

  • Make your page and images content compatible
  • Images are effective tools, what are giving the visitors an idea about the products they are going to buy. Do not use them as web page decoration. There should be some connection between the image and products and customers should clearly see this connection.

  • Check the results of Magento import images from .csv
  • To make sure, you have performed images import properly, check the results. Images imported should be placed in the following folder media/catalog/product. For example, if you are uploading an image named new_t_shirt.png how can you find this image after the import? You should use the following image path - media/catalog/product/n/e/new_t_shirt.png, where .../n/e/... are subfolders, where this image is placed. Subfolders names correspond to first two letters of the image name. Remember, your image folder permission should be 777.

All the points above covered are pledge of resultative Magento import of multiple images to your e-store. Having kept them in your mind you can really increase your sales turnovers by broadening customers circle.

Make import images from .csv smooth and resultative. Resort to Store Manager for Magento software. Using it you will see how easy to import local and remote images and even resize them on the fly right in the process of import. Check how simple the process of Magento import of product images is, read our related article - Import Images With Store Manager for Magento

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