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What is Magento Configurable Product and how to Import Magento Configurable Products?

Magento Configurable Product is a real finding for both customer as well as shop owner. If the product is configurable, it means that the customer can make his purchase more personalized and adapt it according to his needs and requirements by choosing from a list of options available, such as size or color etc. In its turn, with configurable products it is less of headache for person who takes care about website update, since he/she creates only 1 product with variants available for selection instead of separate ones for all products of different colors or sizes he/she sells.

In general, configurable item consists of the set of simple products which represent product variations. For example, if you have one products T-Shirt and from front-end you can choose its color (green or white) and size (S, M or L), then from Store Manager as well as from the admin side you will see 1 configurable product T-Shirt but with a bulk of simple products associated to it, for instance “T-Shirt green size S”, “T-shirt Green, size M”, “T-shirt white size S” etc.

Configurable Product

To import configurable products in bulk you need to make sure that in your .csv file you have all the data correctly organized and placed.

Here's a list of items for you to check in your .csv file before proceeding with the process of configurable products import:

  • As it was mentioned above, a range of simple products are assigned to configurable product. To import configurable product correctly, please, make sure that you have in the column “Configurable Products” of your .csv file indgicated the SKUs of all simple products associated with it. The SKUs should be separated by comma symbol.
  • Besides, please, mind that simple products should be assigned to same attribute set as configurable product.
  • In configurable products (attribute) field you should indicate the attribute code to create variations basing on it. For instance, if you sell shoes of different sizes and colors, then you have to indicate in this field attribute codes of size and color separated with comma. If you have the products of the same size and with no other option to choose, then you can leave one attribute code - size.

Also, please, remember that your .csv file beside of those data, we described above, should contain the required fields that are used to import configurable products to Magento. The combination of fields of your .csv file depends on required attributes (like description, price, qty, etc) as well as on your own required attributes (those that are required for your product specifically and you can set them as required yourself).

If all is correct and your .csv file is ready for import you can proceed with the process of configurable product import itself.

To get more details, please check our documentation with an example of ready to import configurable products .csv file.

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