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Magento Database Backup and Restore

Magento store handling involves regular data changes carrying out, it’s obvious. Web merchants can’t go without recurrent Magento catalog updates, data import, images upload, etc. These operations are fundamental and at the same time influence overall store database.

So far as each of data arranging operations can keep step with inaccuracies or mishaps, that can damage database, you should protect data and bypass possible malfunctions. For that very reason maintaining Magento backup database and its restore is becoming more of demand for each and every store proprietor.

Backup can be defined as the process of data copying and storage on purpose to reconstitute in case original information is lost or corrupted and should be characterized by accuracy and consistency of its accomplishing.

Spot-on and recoverable database backup is being performed via Store Manager for Magento application. It possesses convenient Database Backup/Restore wizard, that allows in an instant make a copy of data and save information to the file.

With Store Manager you have the possibility to easily:

  • Backup current store database
  • Restore over current database
  • Backup multiple stores

Performing Magento Backup

To commence on database backup process, start up the wizard. It’s being disposed in Store Manager Tools section. The wizard tool being opened, you have to heedfully go through each and every step it includes.

Step 1. Select required option in initial window, either backup current database or backup multiple stores option.

Step 2. On this stage of Magento database backup you are to indicate the file, records will be stored to.

Step 3. In current window of the wizard you derive all the database tables listed. Select those you aim to backup. On condition that you have selected entire database backup option, all the tables will be checked. You may check or uncheck boxes for certain tables depending on your needs.

Step 4. This step of database backup foresees you to specify backup option/s - backup database structure only (without data) or backup files. It’s also possible to save configured backup settings on purpose to use them for upcoming backups carrying out. Press Backup button below to complete the process.

View outcomes in the last window of the wizard.

How to Configure Automated Backup

With Store Manager for Magento you can make the process of catalog backing up mechanized and you won’t run it manually each time. Data backups will be performed automatically at predefined time, according to scheduled task created.

To set up automated Magento backup you must do the following:

  1. Create new configuration or alter that, created previously. Actually, this procedure comprises actions, described above.
  2. Create scheduler task, using configuration created. In Add Schedule Task window you are to specify task settings - define task name and select needed configuration from the drop-down. The field below stands for indicating schedule details - time and recurrence of backup accomplishing. The process can be undertaken daily, weekly, monthly or one time only.

The Procedure of Database Restore

To recover data you are to proceed with several simple actions.

  1. Launch data restore wizard and choose Restore Over Current Database option at the initial step.

  2. Specify the file, database will be restored from.

  3. View database scripts in the preview window.
  4. Designate backup options and press Restore to accomplish the procedure.

Backing up Magento files is of great importance, as it can prevent you from accidental data loss or database corruption. Proceed with flawless data backups and restores using Store Manager functionality.

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