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How to make Store Manager work on a dynamic IP, assigned by my isp?

Why you may need it?

When using Sotre Manager with a direct connection type, you need access your database from your local IP. If your internet provider changes your IP frequently (mobile provider or you're not ordering Static IP service currently), you need to add the range of IPs that may be issued to you by your internet provider. It doesn't change the security

Multiple options available

  1. You can add your isp subnet (not exact ip address)

    For CPanel it is done by adding ip's like %.%.%.% or 192.168.1.% where you should replace "192.168.1." with ip assigned by your isp's. Please co to your Control Panel, find Database connection sections and specify the above IP to the list of allowed IPs.

  2. You can work via PHP MySQL Bridge

    It doesn't have ip blocking, but little different behavior - at least give it a try.

  3. Work via SSH tunnel

    This is a bit more complicated, will work if you have shell access to your box (assuming thats unix-based system - linux, bsd etc)

  4. Now all is done, you can use Sotre Manager with a direct connection type.

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