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Registration problems. I’m unable to register Store Manager application, what’s wrong?

This article describes most common registration issues of Store Manager software program.

You should know that DEMO version available for free download and full version are two different programs. There's no way to convert DEMO to full, DEMO version cannot be registered. Please note that, trial versions, that we provide, are similar to the full versions (just have limitations in time), so please, follow the article as for full versions. After purchase you will receive email with download link to full version. You should download full version using that link and only after that you may proceed with registration. Make sure you have specified valid email address otherwise you will not receive anything.

Check whether you entered your registration information correctly.

The only information required for registration is license key.

After purchase your license account will be created automatically and your licenses will be stored there. License account is based on email address at https://license.emagicone.com/, if you specify one email upon first purchase and some other email address when purchasing next time you will have two license accounts. We recommend you to use one email address (license account) - it is inconvenient to have two or more accounts.

Registration requires internet connection. To perform Store Manager/Addond license verification software contact our licensing server, make sure you are connected to internet and there's no firewall, antivirus, monitoring system or other application preventing it from being connected.

You can register as many software copies as you have licenses available. One license - one computer.

Store Manager licensing presumes that you can install, register and use one copy of software per license. Purchasing full version you get one primary license. If you want to install and use program at other places you have to buy additional licenses for every installation (registration).

To buy additional license visit order page:

Additional License - Store Manager for Magento

You can not use additional license without having at least one primary license under the same account. If you have primary license under some account and several additional licenses under some other account you will not be able to register application using additional license keys.

If you reinstalled your OS, changed hardware or just want to install your Store Manager at some other computer without purchasing additional license you should reset your license(s) before using them again at: https://license.emagicone.com

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