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Magento: Change Order Status to ANY from ANY

When purchase is made in Magento (be it Open Source or Adobe Commerce), order status change procedure goes through the predefined processing workflow. For example, when an order was just submitted, its status is automatically set to Pending. After payment was confirmed and invoice was generated, the status is changed to Processing, and when the purchase is marked as shipped, the order status is changed to Complete.

However, sometimes shop managers or business owners want to customize Magento behavior and need to change the status for particular orders.

Why You May Need to Change Status of Your Magento orders?

Here are a few examples of cases when different statuses should be assigned to orders.

Case 1: Order status from ‘Pending’ to ‘Cancelled’

This might be required if we have found the order was not completed or the customer changed his mind about the product.

Case 3: Order status from ‘Pending’ to ‘Complete’

Let’s assume that we need to have the order status set to ‘Processing’ instead of ‘Pending’ for orders paid with the “Credit Card” payment method and have the standard invoice sent automatically at the same time.

Case 2: Order status from ‘Processing’ to ‘Complete’

When you sell some digital goods the customer will not be able to download purchased item unless invoice is created. So basically product is delivered using download link, there may emerge the need to speed order processing up. So some companies would like to change status to “Completed” and send the product to customer right away for download.

Case 4: Order status from ‘ANY’ to ‘ANY’

The situations might be different. There even occur the cases when you need to make ‘Complete’ orders as ‘Processing’ again in case there was a problem with delivery. Sometimes ‘Complete’ status might need to be rolled back to ‘Pending’ in case of fraud or payment that not went through. You may also have custom statuses and need to assign them to your orders.

How in Magento to Change Order Status?

As was mentioned above, there are a lot of cases when you might need to change order status in your Magento, but usually, the only order status you can select here, is ‘Pending’. This is an option, picked by default when new order has been submitted.

magento change order status
magento change order status

Order statuses cannot be changed in the admin panel, as it disrupts the business logic of Magento itself. Generally, it’s only possible to cancel, hold and unhold pending orders. If you want to cancel an order with a ‘Processing’ status or ‘Complete" status you will have to create a credit note for this.

magento change order status
magento change order status

So to surpass the possibilities of Magento admin and to get the ability to modify order statuses you can use Store Manager for Magento solution. With the app there is no need to dig into database tables, which by the way, is really dangerous. Store Manager allows to change the status for orders from ANY to ANY with a few clicks.

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How to Process Multiple Orders at Once with Store Manager?

Now after you downloaded and installed Store Manager for Magento on your PC you can test how it works with dummy data or connect to your store database and perform changes.

There are two ways to bulk update order statuses. To proceed with the first one, you simply need to:

  1. Go to Store -> Orders section of ribbon menu

  2. Click on the Orders Tab
    Click on the Orders Tab

  3. Filter necessary orders by date, customers who made purchases, ordered products or other details (using grid column headings)

  4. Filter Options for Your Orders
    Filter Options for Your Orders

  5. Select necessary orders or press Ctrl+A to select all the filtered ones.
  6. Click on the 'Change Statuses' option to update statuses of your orders in a moment.

    Change Statuses in Bulk Conveniently
    Change Statuses in Bulk Conveniently

  7. For the second way, you can right-click on the selected orders and from the context menu select ‘Change order status option’.

  8. Click on 'Change order status' button
    Click on 'Change order status' button

  9. Select status that needs to be assigned to selected orders from the drop-down.

  10. Change order status
    Change order status

You will see that selected orders were modified in seconds and they have new status assigned. Nothing is missing or broken.

Change order status from ANY to ANY without tech skills or extra efforts! Try FREE

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