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Upgrade Standard to Professional and/or Professional to Enterprise Edition

Upgrade service allows you to change the License Type from Store Manager for Magento Standard Edition to a more powerful Professional Edition.

Note: With the Upgrade Service you receive a new License Key for the Professional or Enterprise Edition (Depending on the Upgrade package). The previous License Key will be disabled. You will then need to reinstall Store Manager with the new key and new download link.

Upgrade Packages
From Standard to Professional
From Professional to Enterprise
Primary License*
You should Upgrade Primary License to use Store Manager
$275 $1100
Additional License * $55 $220
* - You receive primary license with additional license(s) as in original package - See Plans and Pricing

Note: The price of Standard Edition + Upgrade Service to Professional OR Pro Edition + Upgrade to Enterprise is higher than original package, so we do recommend to order appropriate edition according to your business needs in your initial order.
  • If you have problems ordering, you're welcome to order Store Manager Upgrade Service from eMagicOne online store

After purchasing Upgrade Service you will receive New license key and a download link to appropriate edition automatically. Please check your spam folder or contact us in chat in case you haven't received one within 24 hours.

Alternatively you can check your license status and find your new download link at your account at license.emagicone.com