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How to Customize Magento 2 PDF Catalog Without a Designer

When you need to prepare marketing materials it might take too much time to make them from scratch. But what if you could select some products from your Magento store, take one of the professionally designed templates, and customize your Magento 2 PDF catalog according to your style? Well, the solution is there.

With Store Manager for Magento and its built-in Magento LookBook and PDF Catalog Creator addon, you can easily create custom Magento 2 PDF catalogs based on your store listings.

The addon offers a bunch of templates for different industries. The templates include title, index, and product pages. You can edit them by adding your logo, text, pictures, background, and other elements.

Steps to Customize Magento 2 PDF Catalog

To use the PDF Catalog Creator addon you need to have Store Manager for Magento previously installed. Download the free trial and connect the application to your store database.

When you launch Store Manager, follow these steps to customize your Magento PDF catalog:

1. Launch Magento LookBook and PDF Catalog Creator

Go to the “Addons” tab and click the “PDF Catalog Creator” button:

Launching Magento PDF Catalog Creator
Launch Magento PDF Catalog Creator to Customize Your Catalog

In the addon’s welcome window click “Create New Catalog Wizard”:

Magento PDF Catalog Creator Wizard
Launch Magento 2 PDF Catalog Creator Wizard

2. Fill Out Your Store Information: Website, Phone, Address

In the first step, you will be prompted to enter some general information about your store. This information will be displayed in the catalog so be sure to enter those data that you want to provide to your customers:

Magento PDF Catalog Creator Filling Store Details
Enter Your Store Details to Be Displayed in The Catalog

3. Add Products

Select the categories that contain the products that you want to display in the catalog. If you check several categories, they will be reflected on the Index page as chapters. So the reader will be able to jump to the needed page.

Selecting Products for Magento 2 Catalog
Select Products for the Catalog

Preview the products that will be in the catalog. If you don’t want to add certain products, uncheck the option “Show in Catalog”.

If you check the option “Is New”, these products will have the corresponding label in the catalog.

Previewing Magento 2 PDF Catalog
Preview and Edit Products for the Catalog

4. Select a Template

Under the “Layout Editor”, expand the dropdown and pick the layout design or just scroll your mouse to view available designs:

Selecting Layouts to Customize Magento 2 PDF Catalog
View and Select a Layout to Customize It

5. Customize Your Catalog: Text, Background, Pictures, Colors

A catalog template includes three pages: a Title, Index, and Product page. You can customize all of them.

When you click a Title, Index, or Product Page tab you can see a list of editable fields below.

Depending on the layout, you can:

  • Change the background picture.
  • Change contact information color.
  • Upload your store logo (as a picture).
  • Change catalog caption (text).
  • Select catalog caption (color).

Customizing Magento 2 PDF Creator Template in Store Manager Addon
Customizing Magento 2 PDF Creator Template in Store Manager Addon

When you’ve finished editing the catalog, you can preview it and save as a PDF:

Exporting Magento 2 Catalog To PDF
Export Magento 2 Catalog To PDF

It is possible to clone the layouts and, for instance, change some data for another product group.

PDF Catalog Creator enables you to generate or edit several lookbooks within one window. You can easily switch between the configurations in one click and modify catalog details, layout settings, or products included:

We recommend you to make a copy of the created Magento PDF catalogs because after updating Store Manager to a new version, the existing layout configurations can be lost.

Advanced Tools for Creating a PDF Catalog

Simetimes you might need to change the defaul layout of the template. Here is how you can change currency sign, for instance:

  • Open the template and switch to the Advanced mode. The template will be open in the Fast Report Editor.
  • Switch to the Product tab. Click on the “Product” label inside the brackets. In the dialog window delete the lower row.
  • add the required currency sign before the upper line. Click OK and save the template.

Magento PDF Creator Currency
How to change the currency in the default template

Also, you might need to add a field that is not present in the template – a barcode, tier price, or some other.

Starting with Store Manager v. (PDF Catalog Creator version, it is possible to use custom SQL scripts to select additional Magento product attributes to display them in a catalog.

Customized  Magento 2 PDF Catalog
Customized Magento 2 PDF Catalog with a Barcode Added

This kind of customization can be performed by our tech engineers. If you need to add some fields or edit the layout, please contact us for detailed information.

Try the PDF Creator addon to customize the catalog for your Magento 2 store and create professional-looking marketing materials yourself!

Customize Magento 2 PDF Catalog as You Wish Try the Addon Free!

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