Magento Store Manager Connection Configuration & Setup

The service covers one-time connection configuration assistance, that is related to Store Manager for Magento, and is provided by technical engineer.


Magento Store Manager Connection Configuration & Setup is a service, provided by technical engineer. If you need assistance with previously ordered eMagicOne product (Store Manager for Magento), it is the right solution to choose.

The following options are being covered with Connection Configuration & Setup service:

  • One-time connection configuration to your Magento┬ástore
  • Single SQL expression development/modification (you have to provide the exact requirements and tech engineer will supply you with the formula via e-mail)

*Customer is responsible for communications with the third-party companies, specific to each service request.

You may be asked to provide the following information along with your order:

  • FTP login details or database backup
  • Hosting Control Pannel access details
  • Login details to Magento store Admin panel
  • Detailed requirements in spreadsheet or file of text format

You can include this information in Comments field during checkout process, alternatively you can send it via email to eMagicOne support.

NOTE: You cannot use discount coupons/bonus points/bundles or any other price reduction for services according to Support Service Terms.

Magento Manager Connection Configuration & Setup service doesn't include:

  • Additional work related to third-party modules or Shopping Cart┬ácustomizations
  • Products/customers/orders import
  • Report development or modification including company information update, logo update or any other changes
  • Personal education session
  • Remote desktop assistance
  • Store Manager Addons configuration or complex product setup

*Contact us before you proceed with the order to clarify all estimates! Detailed scope of work will be determined for each customer individually, you may be asked to purchase additional services!

We have more work to do for you:

  • Custom Magento Import Service for one-time import of products
  • Report Development Services for invoice, packing slip, or any other report development or modification
  • Educational Training Session
  • Remote Desktop Assistance Service for Store Manager detailed configuration or any specific assistance related to eBay, QuickBooks or ICEcat integration
  • Basic Assistance Service for one-time minor assistance provided by technical engineer

eMagicOne is experienced in configuration services, report development and import setup for new and existing stores, and is available to assist store owners with their major tasks.