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Store Manager for Magento v. – eBay Integration Taxonomy API Support

This version of Store Manager for Magento comes with the updated eBay Integration addon as well as some improvements and fixes to the Store Manager itself.

Update your Store Manager to get the latest version.


  • In the eBay Integration v., new eBay API and Taxonomy API is now implemented.

  • In the eBay Integration v., we’ve fixed an issue with assigning multiple values to the item specific upon product export.

  • Updating your eBay Integration to v. is a necessity, as starting from April 30, 2022, eBay will only support new Taxonomy API.

  • In the Store Manager Export Products Wizard, you can now choose whether to display attribute names or attribute codes.

  • Magento Store Manager-Import Attribute Value Code

  • In QuickBooks Integration v., it’s possible to push transactions for the invoice status syncing.
  • To sync order status, check the option "Export received payment transactin" while exporting orders from Store Manager to QuickBooks:

    Magento QuickBooks Export Transaction

    The order status will be updated in QuickBooks accordingly:

    QuickBooks Invoice Paid

  • While creating a password for a customer, it’s now possible to hide/show the password by using a switcher.


  • We've corrected the deletion of downloadable product sample files. Now, when a sample file is deleted in the product grid, it is removed from the FTP as well.

  • Fixed issue with Store Manage hanging upon PHP Bridge connection test if the connection took long.

  • Fixed issue with importing categories containing special symbols from Google Sheets.

  • In the “Store Diagnostics” tool, we’ve corrected the check “Missing "Admin" store view value”.

  • Eliminated issue in the Import Orders Wizard when a filter for the database fields, though disabled, affected the import of orders.

  • Fixed issue when a customer search in the “Abandoned Carts” section wouldn’t work if the customer’s name included Prefix and Middle name.

  • Fixed issue with date format conversion upon product import.

  • Eliminated issue when Google Account wasn’t saved in the Cloud Storages settings.

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