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Store Manager for Magento Translations

Store Manager for Magento Translations

Store Manager for Magento drew attention of numerous online merchants worldwide, its popularity constantly increases and, respectively, there arises the necessity to make the software multilingual.

eMagicOne company provides current and would-be Magento users with an ample opportunity to participate in Store Manager translation projects: start new translations (transfer the application to the language no one has translated to previously) or improve current translation (if locale is incomplete you can proceed with translation and provide its full version)

Applications, we develop, are being permanently enhanced. Each program release brings new functional capabilities and improvements that should also be translated and come in different languages.

If you find it interesting and wish to commence on Store Manager translation, please, familiarise yourself with terms and conditions provided below

How to Start?

  1. Check whether the application has been translated to the language you selected. Locale list and percentage of translation completed is accessible in the table below.

  2. Please note that these percentages are not updated live. If you want to see Store Manager in other languages than these, please just let us know.

  3. Familiarize yourself with requirements provided in Magento translation guide

  4. Join the project https://crowdin.net/project/magento-store-manager/invite. For that you need to register at https://crowdin.net/join. In case your locale is not accessible in the list, contact us and let us know what language project you need.

  5. Once you are done with translation, inform us. As soon as we accomplish verification we will inform you. Note, it can take up to 2 weeks.

  6. Translators Reward

    We welcome partners to translate Store Manager software into languages other than English.

    For the translation you can get up to 30% discount to be applied when ordering Store Manager software or purchase any other eMagicOne software.


    Some translators ignore grammar or syntax rules when proceed with translations or resort to the tools of machine translation (Microsoft Translator or Google Translator). We reserve the right to withdraw (disable) the license you had got discount for if the translation is inaccurate, insufficient or other users make complaints about it.

    *Please note, bonuses are offered for Store Manager translation only. It means that translations of other products (e.g Mobile Assistant) is not promoted.

    Read Magento translation guide that provides an instruction and hits on how to proceed with Store Manager translation.