Magento Mobile Assistant

Image Mobile assistant on phone (dashboard) and tablet (diagrams)

Try It Now And Get:

  • A clear sight of detailed reports on your Magento data in your pocket
  • Push-notifications when new customer/order comes
  • Change Order status right from mobile phone or tablet and send e-mail to customer
  • Ability to call clients directly from the app
  • Barcode scanner support to track shipping
  • Quick lookup of necessary products, searching them by ID, SKU or Name
  • Wide filtering possibilities for faster results viewing in application widget
  • Control data at multiple Magento stores

Monitor your Magento 24/7 from Anywhere!

  • No charges, FREE application to access store data
  • Browse store statistics on sales, products and customers smartly visualized by means of diagrams
  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Free support via phone, chat or e-mail (reply within 24 business hours)
  • Native Android and native Magento app
Mobile Assistant Magento
Mobile Assistant Magento
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" It is the first thing I check in the morning and last one I see before going to bed "

(Our CEO 🙂 about Mobile Assistant )

Use Magento Mobile Assistant - a FREE Magento store tracking app for real-time access to detailed reports on your sales, products and customers right from your Android mobile device, without logging-in to your admin panel. Dashboards available in Mobile Assistant provide a full overview of changes taken place at your store are at your fingertips!

How It Works

Keep eyes on your e-store without having to be next to the laptop all the time! Your business is in your pocket with free Magento Mobile Assistant! Just install Magento Mobile Assistant app, connect to your Magento store, get all store's data in your pocket!

How It Works - Magento Mobile Assistanc


Choose among monthly, weekly and current statistics smartly visualized by means of diagrams


View products, sorting them by ID, SKU or Name, always tracking the pulse of your inventory changes


Easily retrieve list of orders, quickly find necessary ones, filtering them by ID, date or status. Receive notifications on new orders placed. Change order status, send e-mail to customer and even track the shipping process to offer overservice for your customers.


Be notified about new customers, view clients registered today/this week/month/year or any period of time


Check for latest updates right from your main desktop by adding widgets with different settings configured to appear on your screen

Magento Mobile Assistant FAQ

Is it Free?

Yes, it can be downloaded at -

Do you have Android version?

Yes, our Mobile assistant is native android application and can be used on Android ver 3.0 and higher both tablet and phone.

Do you have IOS version?

No, currently we do not have version for Apple users, but you can vote for the future development on Mobile Assistant Group Feature Requests

Where can I find documentation?

Online documentation can be found at -

Do you offer FREE support?

We have FREE mail support, just drop us a message at and we’ll assist you with any questions. Guarantee response time is 24 hours (business days)

Bridge versus Magento connector. What is better?

Both connection types allow your mobile device retrieve information from your Magento and show your current data in charts. So you can use either Bridge connection or Mobile Connector.
Connector opens more features that are not available on Bridge connection like push notifications about new customers and orders, shipping tracking, etc.
Though, bridge connection works faster, so you can configure bridge connection in case you do not need the above features.

How can I input all settings from Magento connector installed from on your store into Mobile App?

There's QR code on the settings page of your admin -> eMagicOne -> Mobile Connector -> Settings. Just open it and scan with appropriate button of your Magento Mobile assistant app and hit ok.

What username/password do I need to enter in case I use Bridge connection type (not magento connector installed from

You should generate and type your own username and password in bridge file first (you can download it here), upload it to your store root folder and after that use username and password generated earlier in your mobile app to login. In case you have any troubles with that, contact us at and we’ll check it for you.

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