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Boost Magento Performance with Premium SEO Module

Premium SEO enables automatic incorporation of the latest Google updates to Magento 2.3 website. With this module installed, your Magento 2 SEO will get optimized with a bunch of SEO features like schema.org, breadcrumbs, OpenGraph etc.

All technical SEO work is accomplished automatically and requires no coding.

How Will My Magento Be Optimized?

Premium SEO module applies a set of Google SEO tools that can be configured in Magento based on your purposes after the installation. Here what you can get:

  • Breadcrumbs will enhance navigation and stimulate appropriate internal page weight distribution.
  • OpenGraph allows to control what website content will be shown when shared via social media platforms.
  • Twitter Cards allow to add rich photos, videos and other media to tweets to gain more traffic on website.
  • Sitelinks Searchbox enables an additional search box appearing under the search result containing your brand.
  • Structured Data will help Google better understand your site content.
  • Product Snippets will provide users with detailed information about your product including price, availability, reviews and brand.
  • Hreflang will tell search engines what pages to display for users from particular regions.
  • Canonical tag will make Google crawl appropriate page while ignoring other pages containing similar or duplicate content.
  • HTML sitemap will totally simplify site navigation for users.



Premium SEO module is compatible with Magento 2.3 and higher.

Why Does It Work?

Google is constantly working on empowering its capability to understand websites content and show users only revevant pages. That's why integration with Google SEO features is decisive in getting higher position in search results.

Premium SEO unites the most effective Google tools that can be configured in a custom way. The possibility to enable or disable particular features of the module allows to get your SEO strategy perfectly adjusted to your website purposes.

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