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Integrate Magento 2 with google spreadsheets for import/export

To integrate Google Sheets with Magento 2 for import/export means to make your store management even more effective. It aloows you to avoid an extra operation of exporting data to CSV and uploading it to Google Sheets manually. Having connected your Magento with Google Sheets, you can import/export data directly and use awesome functions of Google Sheets without limitations.

In this article we’ll describe how to integrate your Magento admin with Google account and freely export/import products, categories, orders, and other entities.

Steps to Integrate your Magento Admin with Google Sheets

  1. Download a free trial version of Store Manager for Magento and connect the application to your store database.
  2. Connect to your Google Account(s).
  3. Import/export products, categories, and orders from and to Google Sheets.

Step 1.Download a free trial version of Store Manager for Magento and connect the application to your store database.

If you already use Store Manager, you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, download a free trial from the website and run the installation file. When Store Manager is installed, go to the "Preferences" and connect to your online store database.

Read more about how to connect to your online store database.

Once the connection is established, you’ll see store data displayed in Store Manager.

Magento Store Connected
Magento Store Connected

Step 2. Connect to your Google Account(s).

To connect to Google Sheets, run an import/export wizard. Currently, Store Manager allows integration with Google sheets for products, categories, and orders import/export, so you can run any of these:

Magento Store Manager Google Sheets Integration
Run Import/Export Wizard to Add Google Account

Let's, for example, run the Import/Export Products tool and export products from our test Magento store to a Google Spreadsheet.

Magento Store Manager Import Export
Run Import/Export Wizard to Connect to Google Drive

At the very top of the wizard window, switch to the Google spreadsheets option. There will appear a link "Add Account". Click the link and enter a cloud storage name. Press "Authenticate".

Magento Store Manager Add Cloud Storage
Press "Add Account" and Enter a Cloud Storage Name

Tip: You can add several accounts and switch between them as you need.

You’ll be redirected to a browser window with a Google form. Fill in your credentials and allow for Store Manager by eMagicOne to access your account:

Sign In to Your Google Account

Step 3. Export products to Google Sheets.

Magento Store Manager Googlesheets Export Select Store View
Select a Store View and Products to Export

In this step, you'll seee four groups of options. We can skip the first one "CSV delimiters" as we're exporting products to Google Sheets. So, let's take a look at other three sections:

  • Delimiters for the file details - select symbols to separate categories in a category tree, image names, and multiple values in one column.
  • Downloadable products - check this option if you want to save downloadable products. Note: the files will be saved to a local folder on your PC, not Google Drive.
  • Images - specify image export settings like how image names will be exported - just names or full URLs. Also, check the option if you want to export image files and a specify local folder to save them to.

Magento Store Manager Google Sheets Export Options
Use Options to Configure the Export

Now, you can specify what product data will be exporded. First, define what product relations will be exported (related products, up-sells, cross-sells, configurable, grouped, bundle, downloadable).

Next, add product fields. Select one the left and double-click to move it to the right. Use the "Move Up/Down" buttons to define positions of columns in a spreadsheet.

Magento Store Manager Google Export Fields Selection
Select Fields and Define Columns Positions in the Document

This is the last step of the export setup. Check the settings once more and click "Export". After the process is complete, you can either copy a link to a clipboard and send it to someone immediately. Or you can view the data in a Google spreadsheet for analyses, mass edits, etc.

There is one more option in this window that you'll love. It's the possibility to save the settings you've just configured to a file. Next time you need to export products to a spreadsheed, load the configuration and all setting will be applied automatically.

Magento Store Manager Google Export Details
Save Export Configuration

Click "Finish" to exit the Wizard. Now let's check the result in Google Sheets. If you want to share a spreadsheet with someone, remember to give access to the document:

Magento Products In Google Sheets
Check Exported Magento Products In Google Sheets

Once you have added you Google account in Store Manager, you can easily import and export products, categories, and orders to and from Google spreadsheets.

Use Store Manager to integrate your Magento 2 store with Google spreadsheets! Try now!

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