12 Months Update and Support Service for Magento Store Manager PRO Edition

12 Months Update and Support Service for Magento Store Manager PRO lets you update the application to the most recently released version within a year


The Update and Support Service extends Store Manager for Magento PRO download period for 12 months. Within this time you can easily access the latest released version of this Magento extension, update it and take advantage of enhancements each version delivers.

Store Manager PRO package already includes free 12 months of Support and Update Service, that means you can update the application without any fee during half a year. To use the newest versions of Store Manager afterwards you need to order Update Service.

Update Service is a key. When 12 Month Update and Support Service is ordered you will receive license key, that should be applied to Store Manager license, you want to extend download period for.

NOTE:Store Manager PRO Update and Support Service does not allow to extend Trial License validity period. Trial version is time-limited and runs out in 14 days.

To prolong Store Manager update period and get access to the latest software version for 12 months follow the steps

Step 1 - Order Update and Support Service for Store Manager PRO Edition 12 Months Plan;

Step 2 - in case the Support and Update service is ordered under different email than your Primary license, contact us via email contact@emagicone.com to apply the service to your license key.

Note: You do not have to purchase Update and Support Service for every license. It is required to update Primary license only. Once it is updated, you can download the latest version using Primary license download link and update all Store Manager applications you have. If you want to prolong updates for all licenses (including Additional licenses), you're welcome to order a separate Update Service license key per each Store Manager license.

Important: One Update Service license key can be used one time to prolong one Store Manager license. Once it is used, it being disabled. Update and Support Service does not restrict nor affect usage, you still can use older versions of Store Manager for Magento without any additional fees.