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What is Magento? Magento Advantages

Eager to start your own online business, but you are new at IT and eCommerce? There are lots of up-to-date IT platforms to help you. Among the most popular are osCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, X-cart, OpenCart etc. You should choose the platform according to your needs and the scale of your particular business. There is a wide range of free platforms with lots of modules that can be extra-paid and separately installed along with great variety of ready multifunctional program decisions, such as Magento. When you create an online store you should realize the need to compete effectively on-line. This is up-to-date platform created to help you optimize your site SEO opportunities and get to the top of the online sales. So what are its advantages?

Magento revolutionized, is revolutionizing and will revolutionize the way people buy and sell online. No wonder you're reading right now about it. The platform officially started development in early 2007 and it’s already passed 4 million downloads.

This shopping cart can be installed on virtually any system from Unix, Linux to Windows and even Mac. It is written in PHP language and utilizes MySQL database. It offers great flexibility through its modular architecture and besides is completely scalable that its users appreciate.

Magento is a powerful open-source e-commerce platform. Today it gains more and more popularity among common users and experienced SEO optimizers and, respectively, is the world’s fastest growing e-commerce system.

It comes in 3 versions for different business sizes and models:

  • Magento Go for small business. Its main advantage is that you do not need to have your own servers, all technical work will be done by professionals and you can concentrate on main business tasks
  • Magento Community for medium size business. It is a very powerful and flexible free tool and that is the main advantage.
  • Enterprise for large ecommerce companies which contains all possible management advantages

All the mentioned versions have their own peculiarities, but all of them possess main Magento advantages, which are the following: you can create a catalog of your products, add multiple digital images for the same product, change their view and add wish lists. Without any effort you can browse or filter the products of your catalogue and make product comparison. The shopping cart supports advanced pricing rules and special prices. You will easily manage orders and shipment, and choose different payment methods and currencies.

Magento will give your customers the opportunity to create user accounts, look through their shopping history and communicate through custom forms. If you create your Google Analytics account and integrate it with Magento, you can experience all the possibilities for analyzing the traffic and customer’s behaviour on your website and if needed you can also optimize it in order to get better results in search engine systems.

If you are tired from difficult-to-use and inconvenient interface, lack of filters, drag-and-drop options and other desktop advantages, we recommend you Store Manager for Magento, created by eMagicOne company.

Store Manager for Magento

It’s a perfect software for those who want to handle their business without extra efforts and hiring special staff. It is especially beneficial if you are short of time, since when you experience the advantages and the simplicity of functionality of Store Manager application, you will save hours of work spent on common tasks of making changes at your store.

Store Manager is an ideal desktop software both for novices and experienced online merchants. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly and effortlessly you can manage and control your online store.

With Store Manager for Magento you’ll discover all the advantages of this system and will experience lots of up-to-date opportunities for online shopping cart business.

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Oliver • 07/23/2015

Downloaded trial few days ago, did some testing. Had few difficulties though, but guys from chat system, and Ira from senior support dept. helped me out BIG time. They solved my issue within 24 hrs. Overall i'm impressed. Never seen such powerful tool. Allows you to do completely anything you want. I strongly recommend Store Manager for Magento for small business owners, and of course for a large store owners. Magento Store Manager is a 10 out of 10.