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Magento Configurable Product Import: Step by Step Tutorial

Configurable products in Magento is the way to customize the catalog and guarantee high-level customer experience allowing clients to adjust the purchase. Although, creating hundreds of associated items and linking them to main configurables will steal great deal of time, when it is being done manually. Magento configurable product import is a real time-saver in this case that will deprive you of all the hassles possible.

Magento import of configurable products is a controversial topic that remains actual throughout time: what way configurable products are being uploaded, what tool is the best when it comes to complex product import, how to avoid mishaps when importing to Magento and other.

Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial
Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial

It should be said that Store Manager for Magento makes this procedure more approachable and using the guidance, provided below you will be able to fluently create or update configurables.

Magento Configurable Product Import File

There are usually several steps involved and we traditionally begin from file structure. Store Manager supports import from .csv, .xml, .txt., .xls/.xlsx, .ods files and here we will show how fields should be arranged in .csv file.

Since configurable products are multi-component and consist of associated simple products, you should in the file list simple products, build the relations between simple and main items, configure other details, required by Magento.

Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial
Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial

Here is the list of fields, the spreadsheet should include for Magento configurable product import to be performed successfully.

  • Name - insert product name (both configurable and simple) in Name column of .csv file.
  • Configurable Products (attribute) configurable_attribute - in this file column you have to enumerate configurable attribute codes, that are Magento superattributes used for configurable product creation. These codes are provided in the row, main configurable product is listed and are separated by multiple value separator. In sample file you can see high_heel_color and high_heel_size attributes are used for variations upload.
  • Configurable attribute values - each simple product, associated with main configurable, takes a separate row in the file and actually represents unique variation. You should specify attribute values for each of simple items. Configurable attributes should also create separate columns in the file, where attribute values will be configured. To make it easier to understand, we show how this is implemented in the sample file.
  • SKU sku - it is obligatory to specify SKUs for both configurable product and its constituents.
  • Configurable Products configurable - this one is more strictly required for Magento import of configurable products field, since you determine associations via it. SKUs of all simple products, that should be linked to configurable one, are enumerated within this column in the same row, configurable item is recorded.
  • Attribute Set Name attribute_set_name - one of preconditions for configurable product creation is belonging to the same attribute set. Simple associated products and main configurable should be created under the same attribute set, so if you, create new configurables or add selections to already existing configurable products, mind the attribute set.
  • Product type type_id - label each record in the file whether it is configurable or simple.

Download sample file for Magento configurable product import Get File!

Store Manager allows to set configurable product price in the process of import and make it change when specific selection is made by a customer at the storefront. What fields should file include and detailed explanation is available in article - How to Perform Magento Superattribute Price Import.

These fields are required for Magento configurable product import and missing them or configuring incorrectly, you may face import issues. Please note, if you are uploading new items, you should consider also fields responsible for product creation and display, as status, category, stock availability, visibility, price. We have additionally included configurable attribute name, price, position.

In general, the characteristics of a file format can be gleaned from exporting existing configurable goods data and then glancing at resulting data in the .csv file. Whenever you need to update existing Magento multi-component products, export them to .csv, alter, remove or add necessary details and import the file back to Magento with Store Manager.

Magento Configurable Product Import Settings

Configurable product data upload is being performed via product import wizard by the same scheme usual product appending is being accomplished. Extended instructions on product import are described in the post - Import Magento Products Quickly and Safely

Although we would like to draw your attention to aspects directly influencing Magento configurable product import running. Stick to recommendations provided below:

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Mind File Delimiters

One of import wizard steps is dedicated to file separators. You should carefully examine what delimiters separate data in the file and determine the same ones at Preview .csv File wizard step.

Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial
Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial

Since you have simple product SKUs for association in the file, you are using multiple value terminating character. Check whether the ones, indicated in the file, coincide with that, configured in the import wizard at Fields Delimiter and Additional Settings step.

Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial
Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial

Field Mapping Matters

CSV file data corresponds to certain database field. This correspondence should be accurately configured as it shown at the screenshot below. Although you might have other fields in .csv, so make sure you link all correctly.

Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial
Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial

Product relation identifier is obligatory. If you miss this, simple items will not be associated to main configurable. Set identifier you are using in the import file.

Consider Import Options

Magento Manager lets you adjust data upload, to be more accurate, choose suitable import method, clear relations for cross-sells, grouped products, etc if necessary, reindex data, execute custom SQL. Depending on your requirements configure these settings and confirm Magento import of configurable products.

Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial
Magento configurable product import step by step tutorial

Follow requirements described to perform spotless Magento upload of configurable products and use Store Manager for Magento to keep your product catalog manageable.

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Erwan • 04/14/2016

Hi there!

I have tried to import configurable products, everything works except of pricing. After import I do not get price mark ups. What do I miss?

Magento Store ManagerMod Erwan • 04/15/2016

Hello, Erwan.

Make sure there is price column in the import file and correct format is used. See the screenshot attached. Step-by-step tutorial is here - https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/how-to/how-to-import-magento-super-attribute-price/

Comment screens
Comment screens

Carl • 01/07/2020


Nice guide 🙂 Searching for tips on how to create the "configurable-product-row" in a more or less automated way. Any tips?
I have files in excel/openoffice with thousands of rows with simple products, with a column containing a value that would work for grouping simples to configs.

Magento Store ManagerMod Carl • 01/08/2020

Hello, Carl!

Thank you for your feedback! We will be glad to answer your question after we take a look at your files with simple products that should be grouped to configs. Please send the files and your question at contact@mag-manager.com