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eBay Integration for Magento

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eBay Integration is a Store Manager for Magento Addon (Plugin) which allows you to export products from Magento store and import them right into eBay. Synchronise your data with Magento 2 eBay extension and offer your customers best shopping experience.

  • Magento to eBay Online DocumentationOnline Documentation
  • TipStore Manager for Magento is required
  • Tip 1 license key can be used to register extension on 1 PC and manage unlimited number of websites (excl. standard version of Store Manager)

Save time

eBay integration extension allows you to adjust setting, assign categories automatically and perform export/import in a short period of time.

Increase revenue

If you’re not selling on eBay yet, you have an opportunity to expand your revenue streams by selling your products worldwide

One-time Payment

We offer our product with No recurring fees. You pay once and get tool for lifetime integration.

Magento to eBay

eBay Integration extension is a great time-saving tool for your business that help you to expand revenue streams and find new customers by selling your products on the giant marketplace.

Synchronize Magento data with eBay

  • Select certain regional eBay Store for your products
  • Assign Magento categories to eBay categories automatically.
  • If the appropriate category is missing you can assign it by yourself using a manual mode
  • Export Products to eBay from Store Manager products list to be imported to eBay
  • Configure exported fields (title , description, weight, images and others)
  • Use built-in scripting for a custom product presentation (textual and numerical macros are available)
Synchronize Magento data with eBay

Adjust Auction Settings

  • Select Auction Type
  • Set auction Price Formula
  • Set auction Start and End Date
  • Select from the variety of Payment Methods
  • Choose Shipping Options
Adjust Auction Settings

Review Import Results on eBay

  • Control the posting process and check results right in the addon
  • Anytime you want to update product info you can go back by pressing Back button
  • Sync your Magento data with eBay unlimited number of times for better results
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This support is like no other they have worked with and supported through phone and remote access to resolve any and all issues we have encountered. This is a must have for all Magento owners and Developers. Ted Glackin
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