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Magento 2 Generator of Related, Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Products. General Overview

Magento 2 cross-sells, up-sells and related products are considered to be great marketing tools that help increase business revenue. Each of these product types is greatly important for business, since it incentivizes customers to add more products to their carts and boost the average order value.

Creating and maintaining product relations seems to be quite approachable. Actually, you need to accomplish a couple of simple actions to assign relations through Magento 2 backend. Although this task becomes time-consuming if the store keeps multitude of items.

Automation would help you out to build relations of any type you need. And nowadays automation is possible with Related Products Generator that has been recently introduced to Store Manager for Magento.

Related Products Generator Features

  • bulk assign of related, cross-sell and up-sell products by configurations
  • multiple configuration support
  • adjusting product selections using different criteria (product type, status, visibility, stock availability, quantity range, price range, product creation date range)
  • export configurations to HTML or XML through grid export
  • regenerating the list of products, relations should be assigned to, if some conditions updated
  • deriving the list of related, cross-sell or up-sell products applying conditions
  • wide range of conditions to tailor the list of possible relations
    • Assign products from specific category
    • Link products of specific type (for example, grouped products, configurable products, simple products)
    • Make selections depending on stock availability attribute
    • Include some custom attribute into condition list
  • organizing conditions into groups to make relation search more flexible
  • relation preview before applying

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    2-Step Way of Magento 2 Relation Assign

    Magento 2 relations set up requires you to

    1. Generate the list of store products, relations (related products, cross-sells or up-sells) should be assigned to
    2. Designate the list of products that will be assigned as cross-sells, up-sells or related products

    Magento 2 relations generator page is visually divided into four sections:

    1. Configuration setup (add, edit, remove configurations within this section)
    2. The list of products, Magento 2 relations need to be assigned to
    3. Condition editor that allows you to outline criteria for Magento 2 cross-sell, up-sell or related products search
    4. Condition group management section

    Use advanced Store Manager facility to bulk associate Magento 2 cross-sells, up-sells and related products and display relevant items for customers. Leave manual product search and assign in the past and fall back upon innovative practices.

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