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How to bulk remove Magento 2 custom options?

Magento catalog maintaining requires various manipulations to be done from store owners' side. Suppose you have large volume of products and use Magento 2 custom options to customize them. Your business needs change and all of a sudden, your custom options should be substituted by new ones or removed at all.

What way can you delete Magento 2 custom options for abundance of products at once? Lots of resources describe how to clear custom options programmatically using some functions. Hardly will you risk to use a piece of code being not enough familiar with programming. If you are looking for easy way of Magento custom options removing, Store Manager for Magento should be considered. Look through the next few lines of this tutorial to learn how to clear or replace custom options with Store Manager.

Delete Magento 2 Custom Options for Selected Products

Store Manager for Magento is multifaceted application, providing diverse functional capabilities among which Bulk Clear Product Details option.

The options fulfils product details (images, group prices, up-sells, reviews, and so on) clearing. Detailed option description is available at

How to Bulk Clear Magento Product Data?

If you want to remove Magento custom options for products, for example, from certain category or filtered ones, proceed with the following:

  1. Select products to delete Magento custom options for.
  2. Press Clear Product Details option either in the context menu or on the toolbar.

  3. Clear Product Details with Store Manager
    Clear Product Details with Store Manager

  4. Check box for Delete custom options in the accordant window.

  5. Delete Custom Options with Store Manager
    Delete Custom Options with Store Manager

    When you confirm deletion custom options, either of select type or non-select one, will be unassigned from these products and removed.

    Remove and Recreate Magento 2 Custom Options

    Oftentimes Magento product custom options require updates, to be more precise currently assigned to products options should be replaced by new ones. Store Manager for Magento facilitates this kind of update and allows to substitute Magento custom options for certain products through import.

    In order to replace custom options via import, you are expected to do everything like it is described below:

    1. Prepare the file for Magento custom options import. You can get sample data exporting existing custom options with Store Manager application.

    2. Launch custom options import wizard, select the file, new custom options for certain products are stored in.

    3. Import Custom Options with Store Manager
      Import Custom Options with Store Manager

    4. Select appropriate file delimiters otherwise data will not be parsed correctly.

    5. Set Import Delimiters
      Set Import Delimiters

    6. Indicate store view, Magento custom options will be imported to (in our case default store view is marked).

    7. Select Store View for Import
      Select Store View for Import

    8. Associate file columns with corresponding database fields (use automapping if column names and database field names are identical), select correct product and custom option identifiers.

    9. Assign Columns During Import
      Assign Columns During Import

    10. The last step of Magento custom option import wizard asks you to select import method.

    11. Please note in order to delete Magento custom options currently assigned to products and substitute them with ones you have in the import file, you need to enable Delete existing custom options for products listed in .csv preimport task.

      Set Import Options
      Set Import Options

    12. Press Import button to accomplish upload, delete Magento 2 custom options and add new ones from the file.

    Store Manager for Magento eliminates most of daily routines and offers you more approachable techniques to data handling.

    Try FREE Store Manager for Magento Yourself! Get It Now!

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