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Magento 2 order editor

Magetno 2 Order Editor possibilities of Store Manager allow to massively modify order details including customer information, payment / shipping data, invoices, receipts etc. No need to cancel an order to edit it.

Store Manager for Magento is aimed to ensure both customer experience optimization and space for customizing some of order management options.

Magento 2 Order Editor Functions of Store Manager

Bulk edit order details

Modify account information, billing and shipping data of multiple customers at once

Edit payment & shipping data massively

Change payment method and shipping amount for multiple orders at once

Modify and bulk print invoices, receipts, packing slips

Create invoices, receipts and packing slips for multiple orders at one time. Modify their design, add logo, change file structure. Print, save to PDF, send created files to customers by email right from the editor.

Change order status in one click

Modify order status selecting one from a dropdown. Notify a customer about order status change by email using a suitable email template. In addition, you can add custom order statuses or delete existing ones.

Bulk send emails to your customers

Type email right in the editor and send it to multiple clients at one go using preferable email template.

Other Possibilities

POS Features
Order Management
  • Massively export / import orders with order details history
  • Delete test orders in bulk
  • Use advanced order filters: find orders by date / purchased products / customers

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